Cuxhaven Germany.

Day before yesterday we reached Borkum and thereby left Holland for Germany. After spending a night there we went to Norderney. A lot of island hopping!

Monday morning we left Norderney at 07:15 and headed for a long day at sea. The wind was once again disappointing; 2 -3 m/s and the currents were against us all morning. Around 13.00 the wind increased a little and around 15:00 it was fair. By that time the current was turning and at the end of the trip we were flying with a wind of 6 m/s and a helpful current gave us a speed of 9,5 kts over ground.

We reached Coxhaven at the mouth of Elbe at 19:00 and was really pushed into the harbour by the stream. After a day with 12 hours at sea and a distance of 68 Nm we had no trouble in falling asleep.

Nisse hit his small toe in the anchor chain. It turned blue (not the chain 😉 and looks painful. Myself managed to hit my rib again and it’s painful to laugh and sneeze now 🙁

We will leave Coxhaven around 16:00 for a 16 Nm hop to Brunsbuttel where we will meet Calle and go into the Kiel canal. Hopefully we will be in Kiel tomorrow evening.

The engine works fine now. We’ve been running it for 12 hours without hesitation or raise in rpm’s. We try to keep it at 1500 rpm, no more. The fuel consumption is approx. 0,5 liter per Nm which I consider is all right. Would love to turn it off, though…