Thursday 100708

Yesterday we went through the Kiel canal without any trouble at all. It was a nice, sunny day and we enjoyed every moment, gliding along in 5 kts with the engine. Sailing is not allowed – however we could have set sails as a support for the engine, but since there was no wind this was not an option. Some big ships passed us by, but the traffic on the canal was not heavy.

When we finally reached the Kiel side the clock was around eight in the evening and when we reached our destination for the day, Wendtorf, it was ten thirty.

This morning we were told that the rout we had planned har to be revised, since there would be artillery practice in the area. Therefore we had to go in a crescent around the area which costed us some time and distance and we finally reached todays target, Burg, at 16:30 in the afternoon.

A shower later I felt quite well and after a dinner at a local restaurant I felt even better!

Tomorrow we’ll settle for Denmark and Saturday hopefully Simrishamn, Sweden. We are talking about a night sailing if the weather will allow, but we’ll se about that tomorrow!

Until next time