Finally back in Sweden!

After Germany we went for a long leg up to Klintholm, Denmark. We had aimed for Trelleborg and nightsailing, but the wind died out quite soon and when it came back in the evening it was strong and right into our faces, so we decided to go to Denmark. We arrived there at one o’clock in the night and total darkness, but managed to enter the harbour safely.

Left there 07:00 for Trelleborg, Smygehuk or Ystad, depending on time and wind. Decided to go to Ystad and three hours before destination the engine that had been running good for the last week decided to start revolting again.

Weak wind and unreliable engine made us head for a small harbour, Abbekås. Well inside we decided to empty the tanks totally and clean them.

Today I’ve spent pumping diesel and cleaning tanks. Now the engine is running good, but for how long this time? You’ll hear about it!

Nisse had to leave for work tomorrow and Calle is leaving tomorrow or tuesday, so if there are any volunteers for a trip up the east coast…

See you later 🙂