Sunday morning I left VĂ€stervik and headed north. I had decieded that I was going to take it easy today, but the day started with generator- and enginetrouble. First the engine was unwilling so I tried to start the generator to charge the batteries. After cleaning the magnetos from rust I finally got it running. THEN the engine burst to life and I left in a hurry. 33 Nm later I anchored up in a small bay at the mouth of Valdemarsvik. A calm evening with some washing and contemplating…

Monday I started early, 06:15. In the night the boat had drifted a little in the shallow bay and I was “grounded”!!

Full power solved the problem and I was on my way again 🙂 On the way I ran the generator a while and it suddenly started to rev up to full rpm! Something must have happened to the regulator! After checking the voltage I realized that it had produced over 300 Volts. Yes, thats right – it burned my battery charger 🙁

I reached Oxelösund at 15:00 and went for some diesel. Nisse showed up around 17:00 so now I’ve got company again.

Tomorrow we’re heading for SödertĂ€lje, but we’ll probably anchor bup on the way, so I expect us to reach Stockholm wednesday.

Did I tell you that the second phone died in the rain – now I’m unreachable again! Anyhow I can SMS from the computer!