I’ve spent a few weeks at home and at the cottage, but now I’m back online. I’m not certain of what to do with this blog, but I think I will continue reporting what’s happening with me and my boat.

Since last time I have worked on the outboard motor, portable generator, bilge pump and mainsail. The generator is ok again and so is the bilge pump, but the mainsail is taken to a sailmaker who will fix the big rip. I have also pinpointed the trouble with the outboard to the ignition box and will have it replaced as soon as I can afford it.

The boat will be moved to another place, just around the corner of Faringsoe and will stay in water during the winter with all possible precautions to keep it safe.

Before that me, my son and my niece will spend a weekend on the sea of Maelaren.

During fall and winter I will rebuild the kitchen and fix radar and autopilot so when the spring arrives everything will be ready. Until then I will keep you informed by updating this blog with pictures and comments of my progress.

see ya