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I love flying!

Flying Posted on Tue, December 15, 2009 12:39:59

It’s a great feeling when the speed builds up and the wings lift you from the ground. All the bumping disappear and you raise through the air. It’s a feeling of total freedom when you leave the ground and your everyday troubles behind…

All my life I’ve been flying – model aircraft, soaring and piston aircraft. It is a part of my identity and I have always looked upon myself as a misfortunate fighterpilot who didn’t quite make it. If there is one thing I greave in my life it is this failure 🙁

But, finally, I think I’ve reached the end of my passion. It seems like more and more time goes to overhaul, licensing and paperwork than prop your engine and take off the ground. It just isn´t that funny opening your hangar doors anymore.

Maybe it’s just a winter depression?


Flying Posted on Mon, December 14, 2009 14:46:34

I’m getting fed up with regulations!

Seems like every step forward in society is followed by new regulations, narrowing the space of personal independence/privacy.

Why do pilots lock themselves up behind bulletproof steeldoors? (terrorist threat)

Why must you have your private aircraft insured to cover up to $ 2,5 Million for third party? (terrorist aircraft attack)

Why are you treated as a criminal every time you want to take a regular flight? (terrorist)

Of cource – it’s because you are a potentional criminal terrorist until proven NOT guilty! One single event – 9.11 – created a global hysteria followed by a thousand new regulations!

Many people say – I don’t mind, I have no bad conscience. (I don’t say)

What I mean is; 99 % of us are honest people, but because of a few idiots all of us are treated like shit!