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Sailing Posted on Fri, February 11, 2011 11:08:25

What a winter – it’s been lots of snow since middle of November and no end in sight. We’ve had some bad weather with hard winds and snowfall but so far the boat is doing allright.

Small things have been done, but it’s too cold to work at the boat so I’ve had to take parts to my little bit less cold workshop instead. So far the bilge pump, macerator, ladder, steering wheel, torn sail and power supply have been done. Still waiting for help is wind generator, radar, floor + galley and some more stuff I can’t remember now…

Long for spring!


Sailing Posted on Fri, November 12, 2010 09:07:05

Worries, worries, worries

I left for the cottage without proper precautions for the boat. I’ve moved her to her winter port where she’ll be staying in water – free of ice – for the winter. The harbour is situated close to my workshop so I will have plenty of occations to work with her.

Anyway – right now I’m 400 km away and there have been some snow and temperatures far below zero. I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t set her up properly, but will be back in a few days to wrap it up.

During the winter I will build a new galley, fix some electrical, plumbing and mechanic problems. I’ll try to keep this blog up to date.

best regards /Lars


Sailing Posted on Thu, August 26, 2010 09:42:59

I’ve spent a few weeks at home and at the cottage, but now I’m back online. I’m not certain of what to do with this blog, but I think I will continue reporting what’s happening with me and my boat.

Since last time I have worked on the outboard motor, portable generator, bilge pump and mainsail. The generator is ok again and so is the bilge pump, but the mainsail is taken to a sailmaker who will fix the big rip. I have also pinpointed the trouble with the outboard to the ignition box and will have it replaced as soon as I can afford it.

The boat will be moved to another place, just around the corner of Faringsoe and will stay in water during the winter with all possible precautions to keep it safe.

Before that me, my son and my niece will spend a weekend on the sea of Maelaren.

During fall and winter I will rebuild the kitchen and fix radar and autopilot so when the spring arrives everything will be ready. Until then I will keep you informed by updating this blog with pictures and comments of my progress.

see ya

End of journey…

Sailing Posted on Wed, July 21, 2010 09:22:32

Yesterday we left Oxelösund and headed for Södertälje. Just south of Södertälje Kjell and his grandson Sean saluted us by meeting up in their Maxi 77. Together we passed through to locks and went on to Rastaholm in Mälaren, where we arrived at 20:30.

After a small party we slept well and woked up right now for the last leg of the journey – 10 Nm to Kjells house at Faringsoe, where we will anchour up for the last time of this journey. It’s great to reach home:)

Monday 19/7

Sailing Posted on Mon, July 19, 2010 20:10:52

Sunday morning I left Västervik and headed north. I had decieded that I was going to take it easy today, but the day started with generator- and enginetrouble. First the engine was unwilling so I tried to start the generator to charge the batteries. After cleaning the magnetos from rust I finally got it running. THEN the engine burst to life and I left in a hurry. 33 Nm later I anchored up in a small bay at the mouth of Valdemarsvik. A calm evening with some washing and contemplating…

Monday I started early, 06:15. In the night the boat had drifted a little in the shallow bay and I was “grounded”!!

Full power solved the problem and I was on my way again 🙂 On the way I ran the generator a while and it suddenly started to rev up to full rpm! Something must have happened to the regulator! After checking the voltage I realized that it had produced over 300 Volts. Yes, thats right – it burned my battery charger 🙁

I reached Oxelösund at 15:00 and went for some diesel. Nisse showed up around 17:00 so now I’ve got company again.

Tomorrow we’re heading for Södertälje, but we’ll probably anchor bup on the way, so I expect us to reach Stockholm wednesday.

Did I tell you that the second phone died in the rain – now I’m unreachable again! Anyhow I can SMS from the computer!

Saturday 17/7

Sailing Posted on Sat, July 17, 2010 17:43:59


Yesterday I had to leave Blå Jungfrun because the anchor couldn’t grip the rocks so I went to Byxelkrok on Öland. When I arrived the harbour was full so I tried to anchor outside – same thing. Fed up I decided to leave Öland for the mainland. Then the engine wouldn’t start. Hoisted sails and left for Oskarshamn. After a while the engine did start and I arrived into a small bay between a couple of islands after sunset. The anchor dragged, but I managed to get a grip finally.

Woke up to a beautiful morning. Decided to go as far as possible. Engine started and I hoisted mainsail and left. Within an hour the sky was dark grey and the wind increased fast. Suddenly I heard a big ripping sound and the mainsail was teared into two!! In a very hostile environment I managed to get it down and hoist the small storm foresail. Then the engine died…

By this time there were heavy, heavy rain, wind and sea with lightnings and thunder. Nothing to do but to carry on.

After a couple of hours the weather cleared up a bit and I set course for mainland which was about 10 Nm away. Of course the wind died, but to and from it came back. I hoisted the mezan sail to steady her up but then it was a bear to stear 🙁

Finally I reached the coast in the neighbourhood of Västervik and managed to sail in through the entrance but after a while I found a bay and anchored up (more or less…)

Worked on the engine, changed filter and closed one of the tanks with the old fuel. Bled a bit and it came alive again. Limped into a quay next to the sea rescue where I arrived at 17 after only 33 Nm.

Then, final blow, the telephone didn’t work. I had had it in my pocket and I was all soaked. Hope Ericsson dries better than HTC 🙁

Seems like Sweden is going to be the worst part of the journey!

It’s gonna be an early night…

Blue Maiden

Sailing Posted on Fri, July 16, 2010 16:03:46

… or Blå Jungfrun in Swedish.

Landed there after 7 hours. I’m really nervous about the anchoring since the bottom is rocks only. If I start drifting I have to leave tonight, but I hope I can spend the night here. We’ll see about that. At least the island is covering the south east wind for now.

Don’t know where I’m going tomorrow yet.

Thursday 15 July

Sailing Posted on Thu, July 15, 2010 18:46:26

Notes become shorter and shorter – left Sandhamn 9:30 and arrived in Kalmar 17:40. Sails up all the way and since the sea was getting worse I had some difficulties in getting the down. Finally everything was done and I entered the harbour.

46 Nm and 6 – 8 m/s wind – engine running good. Now I’m going to town to find diesel.

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