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Blue Maiden

Sailing Posted on Fri, July 16, 2010 16:03:46

… or Blå Jungfrun in Swedish.

Landed there after 7 hours. I’m really nervous about the anchoring since the bottom is rocks only. If I start drifting I have to leave tonight, but I hope I can spend the night here. We’ll see about that. At least the island is covering the south east wind for now.

Don’t know where I’m going tomorrow yet.

Thursday 15 July

Sailing Posted on Thu, July 15, 2010 18:46:26

Notes become shorter and shorter – left Sandhamn 9:30 and arrived in Kalmar 17:40. Sails up all the way and since the sea was getting worse I had some difficulties in getting the down. Finally everything was done and I entered the harbour.

46 Nm and 6 – 8 m/s wind – engine running good. Now I’m going to town to find diesel.


Sailing Posted on Wed, July 14, 2010 19:56:53

Left Simrishamn at 04:30 (!) in the morning since I knew it would be a long day. The bay was calm and no sea or wind all day although SMHI promised 4 – 8 m/s!

Past Utklippan which was too small to make me feel comfortable so I continued (planned from the beginning) to a small harbour, Sandhamn – not the one in Stockholm!

Arrived there at 17:30 after 67 Nm and finally, when I was to turn around, there was some wind that caught me but after messing around a bit I got it right. Nice people took the ropes.

Tomorrow I’ll pass up between Småland and Öland – we’ll see how far.

Oh yes – the engine was running all day 🙂

Sunrise outside Simrishamn.


Sailing Posted on Tue, July 13, 2010 17:42:11

Simrishamn – engine worked like a clock after new fuel filter and tightening bleeding screws. Started around 9:15 from Ystad and went by sail and engine to Simrishamn where we arrived at 14:15. Nice day!

Calle is leaving tonight so tomorrow I’m on my own again. Target is Utklippan across Hanö bay, approx 50 Nm. I’ll start early and spend the day in the bay 😉

If there is mobile coverage I’ll let you know tomorrow night.

See you all soon, hopfully the next week.


Sailing Posted on Mon, July 12, 2010 20:08:36

Ystad – engine running up and down but we reached Ystad around 11 today. Found a fuelfilter for the engine (not the racor filter but the standard engine filter) and bled the engine. It’s running good for the moment, but so it did yesterday. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow at sea. I also ordered a new fan belt since the last spare one was used and it teared down in no time – think it was too old and dry.

Tomorrow, after installing the fan belt we leave for Simrishamn and expect to arrive there in the afternoon. We’ll have some wind from west so if we get engine trouble we can sail.

More info tomorrow night, hopefully!


Sailing Posted on Sun, July 11, 2010 15:28:31

Finally back in Sweden!

After Germany we went for a long leg up to Klintholm, Denmark. We had aimed for Trelleborg and nightsailing, but the wind died out quite soon and when it came back in the evening it was strong and right into our faces, so we decided to go to Denmark. We arrived there at one o’clock in the night and total darkness, but managed to enter the harbour safely.

Left there 07:00 for Trelleborg, Smygehuk or Ystad, depending on time and wind. Decided to go to Ystad and three hours before destination the engine that had been running good for the last week decided to start revolting again.

Weak wind and unreliable engine made us head for a small harbour, Abbekås. Well inside we decided to empty the tanks totally and clean them.

Today I’ve spent pumping diesel and cleaning tanks. Now the engine is running good, but for how long this time? You’ll hear about it!

Nisse had to leave for work tomorrow and Calle is leaving tomorrow or tuesday, so if there are any volunteers for a trip up the east coast…

See you later 🙂

Kiel und weiter

Sailing Posted on Thu, July 08, 2010 21:51:59

Thursday 100708

Yesterday we went through the Kiel canal without any trouble at all. It was a nice, sunny day and we enjoyed every moment, gliding along in 5 kts with the engine. Sailing is not allowed – however we could have set sails as a support for the engine, but since there was no wind this was not an option. Some big ships passed us by, but the traffic on the canal was not heavy.

When we finally reached the Kiel side the clock was around eight in the evening and when we reached our destination for the day, Wendtorf, it was ten thirty.

This morning we were told that the rout we had planned har to be revised, since there would be artillery practice in the area. Therefore we had to go in a crescent around the area which costed us some time and distance and we finally reached todays target, Burg, at 16:30 in the afternoon.

A shower later I felt quite well and after a dinner at a local restaurant I felt even better!

Tomorrow we’ll settle for Denmark and Saturday hopefully Simrishamn, Sweden. We are talking about a night sailing if the weather will allow, but we’ll se about that tomorrow!

Until next time

North sea again

Sailing Posted on Tue, July 06, 2010 11:00:12

Cuxhaven Germany.

Day before yesterday we reached Borkum and thereby left Holland for Germany. After spending a night there we went to Norderney. A lot of island hopping!

Monday morning we left Norderney at 07:15 and headed for a long day at sea. The wind was once again disappointing; 2 -3 m/s and the currents were against us all morning. Around 13.00 the wind increased a little and around 15:00 it was fair. By that time the current was turning and at the end of the trip we were flying with a wind of 6 m/s and a helpful current gave us a speed of 9,5 kts over ground.

We reached Coxhaven at the mouth of Elbe at 19:00 and was really pushed into the harbour by the stream. After a day with 12 hours at sea and a distance of 68 Nm we had no trouble in falling asleep.

Nisse hit his small toe in the anchor chain. It turned blue (not the chain 😉 and looks painful. Myself managed to hit my rib again and it’s painful to laugh and sneeze now 🙁

We will leave Coxhaven around 16:00 for a 16 Nm hop to Brunsbuttel where we will meet Calle and go into the Kiel canal. Hopefully we will be in Kiel tomorrow evening.

The engine works fine now. We’ve been running it for 12 hours without hesitation or raise in rpm’s. We try to keep it at 1500 rpm, no more. The fuel consumption is approx. 0,5 liter per Nm which I consider is all right. Would love to turn it off, though…

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